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WE ARE OPEN SEASONALLY ONLY. The last weekend of April till the 1st weekend of October.

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Pino`s is NOT a chain as some think. This has been a family run pizza business for 38 years. No second store anywhere. It has been in my family for 34 years. The name came from the original owner Giovanni “Pino” Tomasello. I kept the name and built a new location at 81st Street Plaza and love it here. I personally run the day to day operations since 1992. 2020 will be my 28th year as owner and operator.

I believe it is true that the best customer service and quality control comes from a store that is “owner operated”, and NOT where the owner is divided by many stores. I am happy doing one store and because of this, you will experience something better. I would also like to add that I enjoy pizza, all pizzas and all great food, especially from “mom and pop” restaurants. Please support your local Small Businesses. And often when I find the time to travel, I always incorporate either a “foodie tour” or specifically a “pizza tour” into my vacations. One can never have too much pizza or appreciation for great food from other “mom and pop” establishments across this great country and vast world. I have tried pizza from the coal ovens of New York to a few places around Italy, and it is always good, unique and it has given us things to think and utilize back at Pino’s Pizza.



Our pizza is most noted for its tasty sauce as well as not being skimpy with it. In 26 years of being in the pizza biz, we have never ever deviated from buying the best, most delicious, and most expensive, cold packed plum tomatoes from Stanislaus County California. We buy it fresh ground and it’s not from concentrate. Its texture is bits-and-pieces and we add only 10% water. There is enough in the ground plum tomatoes already. Then we add our own proportioned large bag of spices and herbs mix. In this biz, it called the “Goodie-Bag”. As much as we pride ourselves on freshness, we would like to keep our “Goodie-Bag” a family secret! It consists of many spices, and seasonings. We boil these 8 spices and herbs like a loose tea brew, and then combine this brew to cold smashed tomatoes pieces and puree. WahLa—done. No cooking the tomatoes. Taste fresher this way. It`s Punchy. The spices and herbs “POP” better this way. We might use more sauce than normal, so if you are not a sauce fan, you must say light sauce. Also, all pies are cooked “well-done”. Well done is standard and is how I feel all pizza should be cooked.



1/3rd Mozzarella, 1/3rd White Cheddar, and 1/3rd Provolone, and then and ounce of my personal blend of some Parmesan, Romano, Oregano and Basil on top after its baked. But we don`t put that on pepperoni or bacon pizzas. I love how mozzarella is so WHITE and how when cooked it stays white, but with little brown dots that appear when it`s done. Mozzarella is creamy white and gives the pizza a chewy texture which is a thumbs-up feature in the pizza world. The next cheese of my cheese blend, which is also freshly shredded on site daily, is Wisconsin white cheddar. Wisconsin white cheddar is extra flavorful, and is known for keeping the cheese soft the next day for those that eat cold pizza, or re-heated pizza. Our 3rd cheese we house shred is provolone, which taste lovely and help prevent the other cheese types to not scorch. Our 4th & 5th cheese added to each pie is a couple thick pinches of both Romano, and Parmesan cheese, added on top, after it comes out of the oven. This is my own signature “5 cheese blend”. All 100% real cheese. No fillers. If you order toppings, especially veggie topping, they will protect you cheese from burning allowing us to cook the crust longer. This is why I`m always happiest when someone orders a few veggie toppings. I tell our cooks “you cannot over-cook the crust” By this I mean I believe the more a crust it cooked, the better. People are used to this in pizza joints with wood fire and coal fire ovens. But cheese, well, when that’s done, the pie has to come out” Toppings protect the cheese from over-cooking, allowing us to cook the crust a couple more minutes.



It is hand stretched. It’s between a thin to medium thick crust. Our pizza crust has great fold-ability and is soft and on the chewy side. Re-heating it in the oven will produce a crunchy crust. Re-heated pizza by an oven is the bomb because it dries up the crust more and makes the cheese hot and gooey again, yet the sauce is insulated, so it’s not scolding since its heating from the outside in. That’s why a re-heated slice is easier to eat and more tasty actually. Do not microwave a slice unless it is absolutely necessary. Why? Because the crust won`t be crunchy. It you don`t care either way, well then it’s ok .



All our toppings are fresh. We fresh slice all our veggies on premise except for our black olives, sweet peppers, & banana peppers. My personal favorite topping is our house-cooked bacon. It is very savory! We put it on huge pans and run it through the oven three times, each time pouring off the fat. So in essence, we par-cook it 3/4 of the way in the oven by itself, then blast chill it for storage. Then we cook it the rest of the way on the pizza. This way it is not greasy on the pizza.



Compared to chain`s $12 Pizzas, I admit we are expensive. But along with this fact, I think if you eat our pizza, that you will agree it is more substantial by way of a more generous portion of rich hearty sauce, same with our 4-cheese blend, and a hearty portion of fresh delicious toppings as well. Chains just light sprinkle topping on. We are $3.50 a topping and you get $3.50 worth. Just look at any photo gallery of our pizza shots to see what I mean. I feel topping are a key component and not to be treated like a sprinkle on.



16″ Pizza for $16.99 20″ Pizza for $22.99 28″ Super Party Pizza for $38.99


To all our returning customers, we thank you for your patronage and support all these years.

Jim Hofman

aka Sauce Boss


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